Are Florida courts more likely to award custody time-sharing to mothers than to fathers?

At what age can my children decide where they want to live?

Can a Florida court order drug testing of the parents when determining custody time-sharing?

Can child support be retroactively modified in Florida?

Can custody/time-sharing rights be modified in Florida?

Can grandparents open a child support case to establish support for their grandchildren?

Can I lower my child support payments in Florida if I spend more time with my kids?

Can I represent myself in family court in Florida?

Can my child's father be ordered to pay for my child's college education in Florida?

Can my spouse tell me that I cannot see my kids?

Can parenting time in Florida be denied to a noncustodial parent?

Do I have to pay alimony in a divorce in Florida?

Do the wishes of a child have any influence in custody time-sharing decisions in Florida?

Does a court have to decide our visitation schedule or can the other parent and I make the schedule?

How and where can paternity be established in Florida?

How can child support be changed in Florida?

How do I exercise my visitation rights in Florida if the noncustodial parent is denying me access to my child?

How is divorce initiated in Florida?

How will the Florida court determine where my children should reside after the divorce?

I am a noncustodial parent but my child lives with me now can I change the child support order?

If a father terminates his parental rights does he still have to pay child support in Florida?

If I ask for a divorce and move out do I still have to pay the rent and bills on that place?

If the other parent will not allow me to see my children do I have to pay support in Florida?

In my Florida divorce case does the mediator meet with the spouses separately or together?

In my Florida divorce case, how do I reply to the petition?

In my Florida divorce case what happens in a temporary hearing?

Is my spouse entitled to a portion of my business in Florida?

What are the grounds for divorce in Florida?

What are some common arrangements for child visitation in Florida?

What are the requirements to move to another state with my children?

What determines how much child support I have to pay in Florida?

What do I do to protect my children when I believe that the other parent is abusing illegal substances?

What factors go into determining custody time-sharing and visitation in Florida?

What happens to joint debts when we divorce in Florida?

What happens to retirement funds and 401k plans in a divorce?

What happens when the non-custodial parent has money to pay child support but still will not pay?

What if I need child support while the divorce is still in process in Florida?

What if the custodial parent wants to move away from the non-custodial parent?

What is a pro se divorce?

What is an uncontested divorce?

What is child support?

What is the difference between joint and sole legal custody time-sharing?

What is the first thing that I should do if I am served with a summons and complaint in Florida?

What should I bring when I meet with the divorce attorney?

When parents are not divorced yet can one parent move with the children out of Florida?

Who determines how much visitation is reasonable and fair?

Why should divorcing couples consider mediation in Florida?

Will I get to keep my house car and property after my divorce in Florida?

Will the Florida court consider high living expenses such as loan payments and income taxes when determining my ability to pay child support?

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