Father's Rights

Fournier Law says the paternity action is the first step to protecting a father's rights. Once it's filed and paternity has been established, you can create a co-parenting plan, and fathers can enjoy full legal rights to their children.

Dissolution of Marriage

It can be challenging to separate emotional issues from legal matters in a divorce. You need someone who can help you focus your attention and resources on achieving a result that will benefit you in the future. That's where Fournier Law steps in with compassionate, client-focused legal counsel.

Covid Relief Funds - Who is Elligible?

We all have been impacted by COVID-19. If you have been affected financially and can't make your child support payments, you may be eligible for relief efforts. At Fournier Law, we can help you address these problems and help your situation! Get the legal advocacy you need.

Children Out of Wedlock - What Moms Should Know

Let Gena Fournier explain what moms should know about children born out of wedlock.

Florida Dependency Laws

When there are allegations involving any form of abuse and neglect and/or abandonment, it can result in a dependency action in Florida and affect child custody. This means you may lose your children permanently. Get the legal advocacy you need to fight this battle at Fournier Law. Gena Fournier can help your situation!

New Family Law Issues Post-Covid

As COVID news continues to vary, it's putting pressure on divorced parents. If you have concerns about a potential co-parent conflict or disagreements over COVID-19 vaccinations, it's essential to meet with legal counsel. Fournier Law can help!

When Divorce Happens

Gena Fournier talks about going through divorce as a mother.

Contacting a Lawyer

Gena Fournier talks family matters and when you should seek legal advice.

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