What is the difference between joint and sole legal custody time-sharing?

In Florida, there is what we call a parenting plan. The Parenting Plan sets out who is going to be making the decisions related to the minor child and children and how the parties are going to share time sharing of the child or children. The ability to make decisions is parental responsibility and parental responsibility can be sole parental responsibility, joint parental responsibility, or some hybrid in between.

That tells the parties who gets to make decisions about education, health care, extracurricular activity. If it is sole parental responsibility, the person who is given the sole authority makes all of the decisions. If it is joint then the parties have to share that decision making together. As far as time sharing, sole time sharing is when one parent gets all of the overnight parenting time. Joint time sharing is when the parties share time sharing of the children in some format that either they have agreed to or that the court orders.

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