What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a big piece of the family law puzzle. Family Law Mediation is a useful way to resolve issues relating to the dissolution of marriage, parenting schedules, child support and custody, and property division to name a few.

What is a Family Law Mediator?

A mediator will help you work with a party you have a dispute with. The mediator is impartial and neutral and will act as a guide to help both parties find a fair resolution to their issues. Some professions lend themselves to becoming mediators, and among them is an attorney. All of our mediators are lawyers with a deep understanding you would expect of a family law firm in Tallahassee. The requirements to become a mediator are many and mediators must follow the ethical standards set forth by the Supreme Court.

Why Mediators?

One of the main benefits of family mediation is that it is a way for two people to work together toward a common goal. If the goal is to make the right decision about a family business, a mediator can help resolve the issue quickly and without the need for an expensive legal argument where both sides pay for an attorney.

Our mediators who live and work right here in Tallahassee can help guide parties through family law matters without the stress of a judge and the issue can often be resolved in a fraction of the time that it would take once lawyers are involved.

Mediation also helps you stay in control of your situation. In family law mediation, there is no way for any party to force another into doing something that they don’t want to. You can always decide that coming to an agreement isn’t right for your situation and opt for legal help and you can even have a lawyer help you in your mediation.

Are Mediation Agreements Enforceable?

Absolutely. After an agreement has been reached, before the mediation can be finished, both parties will sign a legally binding agreement that is put together by a mediator (don’t worry - all of our mediators are also lawyers). After that, it works just like any other legal agreement.

What Happens in Mediation?

A mediator must first explain their role and describe the process of mediation to the parties present. Once everyone understands exactly what is expected of them, there is often time given for both parties to air their grievances.

Mediators may meet with each party privately, also called a caucus, but often will meet with both parties at the same time. 

The mediator will guide both parties to a fair and workable solution, but if that becomes impossible for any reason, either or both parties may back out of the negotiation whenever they please.

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