Tips for Choosing a Divorce Mediator

Mediation is a way for people who are having a dispute to talk about their issues and concerns and to make decisions about the dispute with the help of another person (called a mediator). A mediator is not allowed to decide who is right or wrong or to tell you how to resolve your dispute but can help two or more parties reach a conclusion that presents a fair outcome for all parties involved.

Here are some helpful tips if you’re looking for a mediator in your marital separation.

  1. Look for a mediator with experience and training in divorce mediation. It's important to choose a mediator who has a thorough understanding of the process and is able to effectively facilitate discussions between the parties.
  2. Consider the mediator's style and approach. Some mediators may take a more directive approach, while others may take a more facilitative approach. Choose a mediator whose style aligns with your needs and preferences.
  3. Check the mediator's availability and schedule. Make sure the mediator is able to accommodate your schedule and is available to meet as often as needed.
  4. Evaluate the mediator's fees. Mediation can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional litigation, but it's still important to understand the mediator's fee structure and make sure it is within your budget.
  5. Check the mediator's references. Ask the mediator for references from past clients and consider reaching out to them to get their perspective on the mediator's services.
  6. Consider the mediator's reputation. Do some research and ask around to get a sense of the mediator's reputation in the community.
  7. Meet with the mediator in person. It's important to have a good rapport with your mediator and feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics. Schedule a consultation to get a sense of the mediator's personality and approach before committing to their services.
  8. Consider whether the mediator is a good fit for your specific needs. Each divorce case is unique, so it's important to choose a mediator who is able to effectively address your specific concerns and needs.

Mediation can often present the lowest cost outcome for a divorce as it generally doesn’t involve as many legal fees. When you’re ready to talk to the mediators at Fournier Law, we’re just a few clicks away.

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