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As a founder of Fournier Law, Patricia Fournier brings more than four decades of family law experience to the firm. A Florida native, Ms. Fournier graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 1972 . She has devoted her practice exclusively to the field of family law, becoming one of the preeminent family law attorneys in the state of Florida.

Over the course of her career, Ms. Fournier has tried hundreds of family law cases in Florida courts. She has a wealth of experience in all phases of litigation, including cases involving child custody and support, alimony, divorce and complex divorce. She is extremely knowledgeable about all types of Florida family law cases, skilled at resolving cases in an effective and cost-efficient manner whenever possible.  

In addition to her significant litigation skills, Ms. Fournier is experienced in finding non-litigation ways to resolve family law cases. She is also a certified Florida Family Law Parental Coordinator. In Florida, parenting coordination is governed by law. The goal of a parent coordinator is “to provide a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process.” In other words, parenting coordination aims to protect and sustain safe and healthy parent-child relationships by reducing conflict between the parents.

Ms. Fournier believes strongly in working closely with her clients to ensure that they understand their cases, including the best and most realistic solutions for their family law matters. She offers guidance and education to her clients through each step of the process, helping to ease their fears about their case. Her expertise and skill in family law matters ultimately helps clients to achieve the results they want.

Patricia Fournier is a member of the Florida Bar Association, the Tallahassee Bar Association, the Jefferson County Bar Association (founding member), the Tallahassee Family Lawyers Group, and the Family Law Section of the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, of which she was previously president. She also served on the first committee on Child Support Guidelines for Leon County.

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